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  • Indonesian oil palm

    The Group has a majority interest in in 21,600 planted hectares and a substantial minority interest in 22,000 planted hectares of oil-palm plantations in Indonesia ... read more

  • Australian beef cattle

    The Group owns 34.37% of The North Australian Pastoral Company Pty Limited ("NAPCo"), one of the biggest cattle companies in Australia ... read more

  • Malaysian real estate

    Until relatively recently, the Group owned six small oil-palm estates in Peninsular Malaysia, totalling around 3,750 hectares which possessed, in varying degrees, property- development potential ... read more  

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M.P. Evans Group PLC

M.P. Evans Group PLC ("MP Evans") is traded on the London Stock Exchange's Alternative Investment Market ("AIM"). The Group's assets consist of oil-palm plantations (both majority and minority held) in Indonesia, beef-cattle interests in Australia and property development in Malaysia.

2015 Interim Report

2015 Interim Report

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Discover palm oil

Palm oil is used mainly as a cooking oil but also in margarine, shortenings (cakes, biscuits), soap ..  read more

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