Greenhouse gas emissions

The Group assesses greenhouse gas emissions by its mills, embodying that produced by its crop of fresh fruit bunches, using the ISCC 205 tool produced by International Sustainability and Carbon Certification ("ISCC"). The results of its 2016 assessment for the two mills operating throughout the year were:

 Kg CO2 equivalent per tonne CPO
Pangkatan mill, North Sumatra 646
Bumi Permai mill, East Kalimantan 6

In accordance with its RSPO commitments, the Group does not plant on peat as assessed under Indonesian regulation No.14 / Permentan / PL.110 / 2/2009 on Peat Land Use Guidelines for Palm Oil Cultivation.

All the Group's managers are trained to be alert to fires and react quickly to any that do arise through natural forces or by accident. The Group operates a fire watch on all is estates. It also maintains water tenders that can be quickly deployed and used to pump water from drains on the estate in an effort to extinguish any fire. The Group is not aware of any fire hotspots on or near the Group's estates developed since it began planting its new projects in 2005.