M.P. Evans Group PLC (“the Company” or “the Group”) is committed to combating slavery and human trafficking. This statement is made in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015 to set out those steps taken by the Group to date to prevent slavery by both the Group and its suppliers.

The Company is the holding company of a Group with oil-palm plantations in Indonesia, as well as property-development assets in Malaysia. The Group’s turnover derives from its Indonesian plantations. As an agricultural business, the Group employs more than 4,000 estate workers, as well as working with contractors who are responsible for the delivery of other services including planting and construction. In addition, the Group acquires supplies critical to its operation, including seedlings, machinery spare parts and fertiliser, from third-party suppliers. It also purchases some oil-palm fresh fruit bunches from third parties.

The Group has a policy, approved by the board of directors, relating to modern slavery. It documents the Group’s commitment to ensure that modern slavery does not take place within the Group. It also addresses the Group’s policy towards suppliers as well as the need for open communication and appropriate training within the Group.

Key employees of the Group will be trained on modern slavery. The Group will monitor its activities with a view to detecting signs of modern slavery, including activities undertaken on the Group’s properties by suppliers and contractors. Where direct monitoring is not possible, the Group plans to seek written assurances from its principle suppliers that their business practices are consistent with the Group’s policy on combatting all forms of modern slavery.

Tristan Price
Chief executive
July 2017