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M.P. Evans is an Indonesian producer of crude palm oil with plantations in five Indonesian provinces.

M.P. Evans Group PLC owns oil-palm plantations in Indonesia and has an investment in a property company in Malaysia. Its shares are traded on the London Stock Exchange AIM.

Our strategy is to maintain steady expansion of our majority-owned Indonesian palm-oil estates in a sustainable and cost-effective manner, and to provide increasing returns for our investors.

Our operational and financial success in producing crude palm oil comes from taking the right decisions for the long term. M.P. Evans works closely with stakeholders, especially those in and around its operations. The foundation for operational excellence is control of our operations; investment in top quality planting; a competent and motivated workforce; and a supportive local community.

Our excellent operational results are down to a long-term sustainable approach that matches the life of our plants: palms live for 25 years before they are replanted. With first-class plantation assets, a strong management team across our operations and a track record of success, we have long-standing experience in the plantation industry: the Group is 150 years old, having started life in tea and rubber.

Palms are a long-lasting investment, as are the relationships built up with communities living in and around its plantations. The Group makes sure that the smallholder co-operatives attached to its projects are a success; they are as much a long-term investment as the palms themselves or the infrastructure on our plantations. M.P. Evans helps meet the growing global demand for palm oil and palm kernels that are used in many everyday food products as well as cosmetics and bio-diesel.

After a period of sustained investment in Indonesia the Group’s crops have increased significantly, underpinning its ability to pay attractive returns to investors through increasing dividends.

M.P. Evans Group PLC: a company with a long history and a bright future.
Zero waste

One aspect of M.P. Evans’ environmental approach.

A planter's tale

A short explanation of what the Group does.

Long history, bright future

An introduction to M.P. Evans and its operations.

Operational excellence

An explanation of M.P. Evans’ high standards and returns.

Engaging with local communities

See how M.P. Evans approaches local communities in a way that it believes sets it apart.

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Maps and locations

See where our plantations are located in Indonesia.

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The Group demonstrates its commitment to sustainability through its membership of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (“RSPO”).

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Why invest in M.P. Evans?

A gathering acceleration in crop growth underpins our commitment to pay attractive returns to investors through increasing dividends.

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