Crop growth in the short-term results from planting that took place up to a decade ago. The profile of M.P. Evans plantings shows it has a young average age of only 9 years, and that a significant part of its hectarage is yet to reach its peak yielding years.

The Group's average annual crop growth in the last decade has been 14%.

Planting age profile

We are constantly looking to ensure growth in the future by continuing to plant new land. Since 2005, the Group focused on planting its new projects, regularly planting more than 2,000 ha per annum. M.P. Evans has also expanded through its purchase of PT Bumi Mas in December 2017. We expect this planting and acquisition together to mean the Group’s and scheme smallholders' crop will continue to grow well into the 2020s.

Group and scheme smallholders' crop