Our Board
  • Photo of Peter Hadsley-Chaplin
    Peter Hadsley-Chaplin +
    Peter Hadsley-Chaplin MA MBA Executive chairman

    Appointed a director in 1989, chairman in 2010. Former executive chairman of Bertam Holdings PLC and Lendu Holdings PLC. Former chairman of The Association of the International Rubber Trade. Prior to joining the Group in 1988 he was a commodity broker with C Czarnikow Limited.

  • Photo of Tristan Price
    Tristan Price +
    Tristan Price MA MSc FCA Chief executive

    Appointed a director in 2010, chief executive in June 2016. Previously worked as a senior UK diplomat, as an economist at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and at the Treuhandanstalt (East German privatisation agency).

  • Photo of Matthew Coulson
    Matthew Coulson +
    Matthew Coulson BA FCA Finance director

    Appointed a director in 2017. Joined the Group as chief finance officer in 2016 with previous experience as an audit director of Deloitte LLP, including work on companies in the agricultural sector and in their technical policy team.

  • Photo of Jock Green-Armytage
    Jock Green-Armytage +
    Jock Green-Armytage BA MBA Senior independent non-executive director

    Appointed a director and chairman of the audit and remuneration committees in 2013.  Formerly a director of Rowe Evans Investments PLC from 1989 to 1994.  Currently chairman of JZ International Limited and chairman or director of many of its investee companies. Previously chief executive of The Guthrie Corporation Plc and Chairman of Amec Plc.

  • Photo of Philip Fletcher
    Philip Fletcher +
    Philip Fletcher FCA Non-executive director

    Retired as managing director in June 2016, having been appointed a director in 1987, managing director in 1991 and executive chairman between 1999 and 2005. Former executive director of Bertam Holdings PLC and Lendu Holdings PLC. Joined the Group in 1982 after initial career in accountancy with KPMG in London and Sydney and in industry with the Rio Tinto plc group. Member of the audit committee.

  • Photo of Bruce Tozer
    Bruce Tozer +
    Bruce Tozer BSc MSc MBA Independent non-executive director

    Appointed a director in 2016. Has held senior roles at Rabobank International, JP Morgan, and Credit Agricole. Member of the advisory board of Generation 10, a data analytics and commodity logistics software company. Member of the audit and remuneration committees.

  • Photo of Darian  McBain
    Darian McBain +
    Darian McBain BE MSc PhD

    Appointed a director in 2020. Currently Global Director of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability at Thai Union. A leading academic in the field of integrated sustainability analysis and an award-winning business leader recognised for furthering sustainability and ethics in business. Board member of not-for-profit organisation Be Slavery Free. Previous roles have included NHS sustainable procurement lead, UN and WWF advisory services, the latter with specific focus on the palm-oil industry and supply chains.

Senior Management
  • Photo of K. Chandra Sekaran
    K. Chandra Sekaran +
    K. Chandra Sekaran BSc (UPM) President director, PT Evans Indonesia

    Took up position of PT Evans Indonesia’s president-director in 2008. Began working in Indonesia in 1995, with experience in Sumatra and Kalimantan and latterly as a chief operating officer for Sinarmas Plantations. Began career with Harrisons and Crosfield (later known as Golden Hope Plantations and today part of the Sime Darby group). Has an unparalleled understanding of the Indonesian plantation industry, plantation network and the social issues related to it.

  • Photo of Satheesan Menon
    Satheesan Menon +
    Satheesan Menon BTech (IIT, Madras) MBA (Cranfield) Head of engineering, PT Evans Indonesia

    Current responsibilities include engineering operations, mill design inclusive of civil engineering works and management of the Group’s biogas plants. He is registered as a Professional Engineer with the Board of Engineers in Malaysia as well as holding a 1st Grade Steam Boiler Certificate and Competency in Noise Abatement. He has more than 42 years of professional experience in the industry, 17 of which in Indonesia, holding senior managerial positions in leading plantations companies Sime Darby Plantations, Kumpulan Guthrie and Sinar Mas Group before joining PT Evans.

  • Photo of Katya Merrick
    Katya Merrick +
    Katya Merrick LLB BA Company Secretary

    Qualified as a solicitor in 1997. Worked in private practice until taking up appointment as Company Secretary in 2016.

  • Photo of Gunasekaran Uthiradam
    Gunasekaran Uthiradam +
    Gunasekaran Uthiradam Head of agronomy – Sumatra, PT Evans Indonesia

    Joined PT Evans Indonesia in December 2009 from Sime Darby Plantations where he was a vice-president. Has more than 40 years plantation industry experience, including with Harrisons & Crosfield, managing rubber, cocoa & coconut and oil-palm estates. Has a specialisation in oil-palm yield enhancement and biological control of leaf eating caterpillars, and training field assistants. Holds a Diploma in Agriculture from Agriculture University Malaysia.

  • Photo of Sivabalan Subbiah
    Sivabalan Subbiah +
    Sivabalan Subbiah BSc (UPM) Head of agronomy – East Kalimantan, PT Evans Indonesia

    Joined PT Evans Indonesia in 2008, having previously worked for Golden Hope Plantations (formerly Harrisons & Crosfield) which became part of Sime Darby. Has been involved in cultivation of oil palms, rubber, cocoa and coconuts in Malaysia and Kalimantan. Served as a part time lecturer at Golden Hope Academy for the Plantation Management Diploma programme, and carried out oil palm feasibility studies in Venezuela and locally for Golden Hope Agrotech Services.

  • Photo of Markian Gunawan
    Markian Gunawan +
    Markian Gunawan SE AK BAP Head of finance, PT Evans Indonesia

    Appointed a Head of Finance in April 2012. Joined the Group in Oct 2009 after 14 years at PricewaterhouseCoopers, where was a deputy partner. His experience included work for companies in the plantation sector as well the assurance methodology and training team.  Qualified as a chartered accountant and certified public auditor. He is the Group’s chief finance officer for Indonesia, which includes responsibility for local Group structure and implementing the Group’s enterprise information system. Member of the Indonesian audit and tender committees.