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Founded by Matthew Pennefather Evans


Matthew Pennefather Evans founding partner of business acting for tea and rubber companies, later acting as brokers for tea and rubber.

Early 1900s
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Partnership formed


Partnership helps pioneers raise capital on London market for new plantations and acts as company secretary and UK selling agent in their absence overseas.

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Partnership begins acquiring ownership stakes in the companies for which it acted.

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A change in business


Exit from Sri Lankan tea: shift from rubber to oil palm in SE Asia as the superior financial rewards of planting oil palm became clear.

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Australian agriculture


Expansion into Australian agriculture to create geographical and commodity diversity within the Group; first sheep, wool and grains, then irrigated cotton and finally grains and beef cattle.

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Malaysian property development


Start of Malaysian property development after the main part of the Group’s old Bertam Estate was sold into a joint venture with two Malaysian partners.

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Strategic initiative launched


Group structure rationalised into single company; seminal strategic initiative to exit Malaysia by selling its small valuable estates for property development, using the proceeds to fund a major expansion of its plantation areas in Indonesia.

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One country; one commodity


Disposal of investments in Australian beef cattle and share of oil-palm joint venture to move the Group towards its strategic objective of having operations in one country, in one commodity, in operations that it controls.