Why invest?

Prospective future growth underpins board commitment to pay attractive returns to investors through increasing dividends.

Established track record of delivering growth and financial returns.

Long-term sustainable approach underpinned by operational excellence and strong balance sheet.

Young average palm age foundation for accelerating future crop growth.

Highly attractive earnings profile and valuation discount to Asian peers.

Palm oil is the world’s most traded vegetable oil with the largest share of global vegetable oil production. Its share has been growing, and demand for vegetable oils has more than doubled in the last 20 years as incomes have risen and urbanisation has increased the need for processed foods.

M.P. Evans makes long-term decisions investing in land, the environment, its workforce and the communities in and around its operations. It combines this with a relentless focus on operational detail to produce the maximum amount of crude palm oil from well-managed and environmentally-suitable land. We have first-class assets, a strong management team across our operations and a track record of success.

Group equity valuation

After a period of sustained investment in Indonesia, the Group’s crops have increased significantly, underpinning its ability to pay attractive returns to investors through increasing dividends.

Dividend growth
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A brief introduction to palm oil and its relevance to the world.

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The Group’s strategy is to maintain steady expansion in a sustainable and cost-effect manner.

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