Palm oil

Palm oil is a vegetable oil, with a growing share of growing worldwide demand for vegetable oil.

81.5 million

tonnes of palm oil
produced in 2023.

Since 1990, world demand for vegetable oils has increased at an average 4% per year; that for palm oil 6%. It is the world’s most popular vegetable oil and its most traded: 81.5 million tonnes were produced in 2023, 59% of which were in Indonesia and 23% in Malaysia.

Approximately 20% of the world’s palm oil is currently produced sustainably.

Palm is extremely efficient in its use of land: it produces 40% of the world’s vegetable oil on only 8% of the area devoted to vegetable oil cultivation. And it is socially important, providing a livelihood and nutrition for smallholders and local communities in developing countries.

Approximately half of products found in a UK supermarket contain palm oil or palm-kernel oil, including shampoos, cosmetics, ice cream, biscuits, chocolate and cereals.

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