Environmental indicators

Total electricity generated
CO2 emissions
(tonnes CO2 equivalent per tonne CPO)
At 31 December 2020 Units 2020 2019
Conservation area Hectares 3,259 3,259
Water consumption M3 per tonne ffb 12.38 10.46
Compost Tonnes per hectare 4.32 5.38
Inorganic fertiliser Tonnes per hectare 1.04 1.28
Herbicide Litres per hectare 1.33 2.11
Pesticides Litres per hectare 0.95 0.51
Pollution Pollution complaints Number 0 0
  of which: Upheld Number 0 0
PROPER* status Pangkatan Status Blue Blue
  Tengkalat (Bangka) Status Blue Blue
  Bumi Permai (Kota Bangun) Status Blue Green
IUCN Red List species by category Least concern Number 335 340
  Vulnerable Number 25 30
  Near threatened Number 39 42
  Endangered Number 4 3
  Critically endangered Number 1 2

*Indonesia's program for pollution control, evaluation, and rating (PROPER), which colour codes performance: gold, green and blue (at or beyond requirement), red and black (partial non-compliance or breach)

Data is for 12 months to 30 December 2020 and 2019

Fire hotspots reported in the year to June 2020

No. Hotspot
Source Region Location Presence
of fire
of fire
1 24 May 2020 VIIRS Musi Rawas Outside plantation boundary Yes Community
by company