In Malaysia, the Group owns 40% share of a substantial property-development company, Bertam Properties, near Penang Island, Malaysia, with a land bank of 280 hectares.

Previously, the Group owned six small oil-palm estates in Peninsula Malaysia, totalling around 4,000 hectares which possessed, in varying degrees, property-development potential. Five of these estates were sold with the proceeds being reinvested in Indonesian palm-oil projects.

The remaining Bertam Estate was sold to Bertam Properties Sdn. Berhad, in which the Group retains a 40% interest. Bertam Properties is currently developing this land into housing, industrial and leisure facilities.  In July 2020, the Group reached an agreement with Bertam Properties to sell it the remaining 70 hectares of Malaysian land directly owned by the Group.  The sale completed in October 2021.

It is the Group's long-term aim to realise the value of its property-development assets in order to fund the acquisition or development of further new Indonesian palm-oil projects.