We are committed to respecting the rights of all our workers, whether they be permanent, temporary or casual, indigenous or immigrants from other Indonesian islands or elsewhere. We have had no incidents of reported discrimination.


The salary and benefits offered to staff are generally the same whether they are employed full time, part time or are temporary employees. The exceptions to this are that only full-time employees qualify for an annual bonus and leave allowance. Furthermore, temporary or part-time employees are given a motorbike from the Group’s fleet to use; full-time employees may choose to join in a staff ownership programme in which they make a contribution towards the cost of the motorbike and become its owner after an agreed term. Retirement benefits as well as severance pay follow the regulations of the country in which the company is operating.

Health and safety

The Group gives priority to the health and safety of its employees, whether permanent, temporary or casual, and those affected by its activities. The managers of all of the Group's estates and mills hold a monthly meeting with key staff to review health and safety. Regular independent health and safety inspections are carried out on the Group's estates. During 2021 there was one workplace fatality amongst the Group's employees and contractors working in its operations.

Updated September 2021